Eco Mulch

Effective moisture retention using the visually appealing Eco, an economical well draining mix of plantation pine.


Capital Landscape Group’s goal is to carry out their day to day operations in a responsible and efficient manner in order to cause as minimal harm to the environment as possible.
  • The strategies required to achieve this include:
  • Transporting, storing and handling all materials in order to minimise, if not eliminate, dust, noise and spillage.
  • Utilise the best available equipment and technology to gain the maximum efficiency from, as well as, minimising the energy used.
  • Minimise the creation of waste wherever possible by recycling all used waste oil, paper, plastic, metals etc.
  • Utilise recycled products whenever possible.
  • Ensure all buildings and yards are designed and operated in order to hold any contaminates within the site at all times, and particularly during rain.
  • Where possible, utilise rain water run-off.
By implementing and following these basic principals the daily and long term operations of the company can be carried out with minimal impact to the environment