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Capital Landscape Group is a supplier of landscaping products to Canberra ACT and Queanbeyan NSW districts. Capital has available from its Queanbeyan landscape centre a wide range of landscape supplies that can be delivered to your site or available for you to pick up. Through our network of quality suppliers no job is too big or too small, Capital has the experience and capability to supply and deliver our landscape products to major contractors, professional landscapers right down to the home handyman & gardener. Our handy volume calculator will help you work out the quantity of material you require. Our experienced and friendly staff are happy to assist you with your enquiry, help you select the right landscaping product for your job, arrange prompt delivery or for you to pick up from our Queanbeyan landscape supply centre.

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ON SALE NOW- $35.00 4kg Australian Builders X Lime. Normally $50 per 4 kg bucket. 
Synthetic Hydrated Lime Replacement for use in cement based brick or block laying mortars and renders.
Safer – Non-toxic, non caustic, use less, safer and easier to use than Hydrated Lime.
Economical, environmentally friendly, use less water and product to make more mixes.